Presentation: inform, convince, motivate

Does this situation appear familiar? You´re requested to present recent
developments or a project finalization at a meeting … you may even get the chance to prove your expertise at a conference or congress… and there it is: the moment when your hands get sweaty, your knees get soft and your mouth dries up. And it becomes clear to you: There is no turning back now!

With the right tips and tricks you will feel self-confident again.


  • expertise and confidence in presenting: make an impression
  • know and apply methods of visualization
  • apply effective presentation-designs
  • develop your wording and stylistic potentials


Presentation strategies:

  • structure, construction and order

Target group orientation:

  • analysis and differentiation

Presentation objectives:

  • inform, convince, motivate
  • visualization methods: basic principles and layout rules
  • adequate use and operation of diverse presentation-media
  • How to lay out a professional presentation


Presentation skills:

  • mental preparation
  • word choice and sentence construction
  • voice and body language
  • self-confidence:    posture, breathing, moving while presenting

Carrying out presentations:

  • free speech and keyword concept
  • basics of perception
  • improvement of your presentation concepts
  • behavior and its impact on your audience
  • wrapping-up presentations

What if ...?

  • tips und tricks
  • coping with stage fright



  • expert input
  • individual presentations
  • group work
  • presentation exercises
  • video analysis with individual feedback

Practical Relevance

The seminar focuses specifically on the situations and examples of the participants. It is recommended that you bring a presentation that you have either held in the past or will hold in the near future. The seminar is a perfect training ground for practicing. By keeping the video recording, you can check your feedback and performance over and over again. This allows a sustainable behavioral change for future situations in which you are asked to present. Many practical exercises during the seminar promise a strong effect and diminish the fear of performing in front of an audience. And who knows, maybe you will even discover the joy of presenting …

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